Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On the Road or, umm… Sky Again

So I haven’t blogged in ages so I thought I’d jot down a few random thoughts from 37000 ft. I’m currently sitting on a plane headed to Salt Lake City and from there I’m on to Sacramento for an engineering meeting, fun times. Then it’s turn around and head back. Airports are unique places in our world that’s for sure. No two are the same but yet they’re all the same. I have to say Salt Lake’s is one of my least favorite so far, not that I’ve been to too many. On the return trip I stop in Denver, a much better airport to spend a few hours if you have to.
Anyway, I thought I’d post about the band instead of work. I thought “Why not post about something important to you instead of just the thing you do on weekdays” and so I am. I love “The Scientist” by Coldplay, I just thought I’d throw that in (since I’m listening to it right now). Ellis has finally returned to the recording studio after over 2 years away. This time we are recording out in Lac La Biche, AB at my dad’s project studio. It’s not Vancouver but whatever, it’s all “pro” level gear and the price is right. So far the sessions have gone pretty good and we’ve managed to get a start on 6 “new” tunes. I think it’s going to turn out awesome. I’m looking to find a good mix engineer for a couple of the tunes (our budget for mixing is around $750-1000 per track “all-in” so if anyone knows anyone you could direct me to drop me a note.
We’ve also got a show coming up on the 25th of August as we are opening for Keating and their CD release at the Powerplant. Should be a great show with Jets to Theory on before us and then, obviously, Keating closing out the night. I’ll post about the show after it’s all over and I have time to review how things go. Anyway, I should go. L8R.
- Ryan

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Hey everybody! So Ellis played a whole bunch this past Canada Day weekend. All the shows went great and I even burned a big 'ole blister on my left index finger to prove it! The first of our Canada Day shows was at Churchill Square downtown for the Works Festival. The Square was packed (approx. 2000 people) and the response was excellent. If felt great to play for a "big" crowd again. In between our sets we sold about $200 in merch so that felt pretty good. After the second set we hauled ass over to The One on Whyte Ave for Sonic Radio's "Red on Whyte" Canada Day party. The show went good but we ended up cutting our set short due to time constraints (we had enough time for a couple more tunes but whatever) The response again was very positive but we were the first band so people were just getting settled in the club and "appreciated" our stuff but were still pretty reserved. All in all a good Canada Day - how can you beat doing what you love to do, getting paid for it, and then multiply by two, all in one day!!! Well, that's not all as we played downtown at the Works Festival on Sunday evening as well. Again, the show went awesome and I was really feelin' it. I just stopped caring what people thought and decided that I was gonna "rock out" a bit. Well, other than hurting my finger it felt great to really let loose on stage and I think it helped all the guys to crank it up a bit more. There wasn't as many people as the day before but we felt appreciated nonetheless. We get to kick out the jams one more time on Wednesday night (July 5th) downtown again at the Works. We're going on at 7:00pm so hopefully we get a good turnout. The weather is supposed to be great. Everytime I start thinking that maybe I should refocus my life away from music and the band we seem to play some great shows and it reminds me how much I'd love to do this for a living. I really pray that God would let me do that but for now it remains up to Him. We'll see what the future holds, we just got a new management company on board so who knows? It could be the puzzle piece we've been missing. Thanks to everyone who's supported our dream by coming to shows and buying our music and merch and just plain appreciating what we do! Hopefully the best is yet to come!

- Ryan

Friday, May 19, 2006

Whyte Ave. Wednesday Night

So after the hockey game on Wednesday my friend Dean and I decide to go for a little bike ride. Well, Dean is leading and I say to him let's just go wherever so he decides to head on down to Whyte and the time is around 10 pm. We get down there and we're on 82 Ave. between 112 St. and 109 St. and traffic is pretty much bumper to bumper (People are starting to flood the area and the cops have Whyte closed off at 10St.) and there are people honking their horns and generally celebrating in as loud a manner possible. There are guys on Sportbikes doing burnouts. Which brings me to my story.
Dean and I are stopped in traffic and there is a guy directly behind us on a brand new GSX-R600. He had been about 50 ft. back and just finished doing a big brake stand and the guy in the car next to him was yelling "Again! Again!". So, not to let this dude down buddy attempts another burnout. Unfortunately he is only about 10 ft. behind us at this point and starts revving his engine. I turned around to watch him while thinking to myself, "he's awfully close to us..." (normally you would want some runout room for this type of stunt) Well, he gets a bunch of revs up and starts to let out his clutch and next thing you know his front tire pops off the ground. For those of you who know about this kind of thing you'll know that this isn't good. He comes shooting forward and grazes me on my left side knocking my leg into the side of my bike and over it goes onto the pavement (it slid forward a few inches too). So buddy knocks me down and then, still accelerating forward, threads the needle between me and Dean and rams into the car in front of us. OUCH! His bike smashed into the car and blew out both the taillights and dented the bumper, meanwhile he flew off the bike and basically shoulder checked the trunk denting it as well. Now my bike is on the ground and I'm picking it up and he's lying on the ground and his bike is smashed and lying beside him, quite the scene! So the dude's bike was pretty trashed, no useful plastic on the whole frontend and his forks might be bent too. My bike? Well there are a couple minor scrapes on the bar end, the muffler and the brake lever and pedal, other than that my leg is a bit sore (just a bruise). So buddy right away was very apologetic and offered up his insurance immediately and said he'd pay cash for any damage to my bike. Quite the experience. I was only angry for about 15 seconds until it registered what happened to the dude and his bike and then I realized that me being mad wasn't going to make anything better. Once I saw that the damage to my bike was minor I felt even better. God was most definitely looking out for me that night. If the guy had been even 6 inches farther over I coulda been headed to the hospital so again thanks to GOD that I'm OK because things could have been much much worse.
- Ryan

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Life on hold? Not a chance!

As life goes on more and more of my friends get married and now many of them are even starting families of their own. Maybe someday it'll be my turn. Until it is though there's no sense in putting life on hold. So I took a scuba diving course last weekend and loved it! It's very cool and I'm out to Jasper to get open water certified on the last weekend of May. I'm pretty excited because the plan is to head out to Victoria right after that to do some diving out there. It's been a long time since I had a real vacation so this should be awesome!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

News, finally some news!

Hey there! So I haven't blogged in a long long time hahaha. But, I do have something newsworthy so here goes.
As most of my friends know I recently purchased a motorcycle. It is a 2004 Suzuki SV650 and I have attached a picture of one in this post. The bike pictured is not my bike but mine is identical to the one in the photo (yes, even the color). I like it a lot so far and the weather is getting better and better so I'll hopefully be out riding it frequently.
I'm also moving this month! I will be filling the void left by Jay at Steve's place and I'm really looking forward to that too! We should have a blast and the amenities are second to none (can you say, "hot tub!").
So, here's a funny story (well, not funny haha but in the end it turns out ok). I get a call from my insurance broker a couple days ago and they tell me that my motorcycle insurance was "not approved" by ING-Novex (who at the time carried my car insurance) and that I didn't have ANY insurance on the bike, in fact I never did. "Great!" I said. (or something like that hahaha) So, I was riding for 2 weeks without insurance... nice. The reason I was denied: I haven't had my class 6 license for a whole calender year!!! WTF does that have to do with anything?!?! Time to shop for insurance. Well, my professional organization has an agreement with TD Meloche-Monnex for some discounts so I thought I'd start there. So I get an online quote for my car and low and behold it comes in at $32 per year cheaper than ING-Novex but I couldn't get an online quote for the bike so I phone them up. "Sure, we can insure your bike." they say. "No, we don't care that you only got your license in August" "How's $367 for the year?" Let me tell ya how that is, it's $122 a year cheaper than my initial quote from ING before ING decided not to insure me. SOLD!!! So because ING decide to jack me around I'm now actually saving over $150 a year on insurance! (told you everything would turn out ok) So, thanks to God for once again looking out for me.
Hopefully it won't be so long between posts next time!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stuff and stuff

So I haven't posted in ages so I thought I'd throw some random thoughts out there into the internet. Actually, I did go snowboarding at Marmot Basin last Saturday (alas, no pics of me this time but my friend Kenny was doing some amazing jumps and rails and such craziness and he did have some pics taken of him so maybe I'll post those in the near future... if he ever sends them to me!!!) and it was a pretty wicked time, no fresh but conditions were good and it wasn't too busy. I like snowboarding... Hopefully I'll get out to the mountains at least 4 or 5 more times this season, that'd be rad. Well, I guess that's all I got, I started out wanting to post random stuff but ended up not. haha, oh well, maybe later...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Planes, Planes, Planes!

So we had a few hours to kill in Seattle before our flight home so we stopped by the Boeing Museum of Flight. It was very cool, especially if you're into planes. I took these pics with my phone camera and I wish I would've had a better camera because there were some very impressive planes there (can you say SR-71!!! how about Concorde!!! sweet!!).

So for those of you who don't know planes the second one is a P-51D Mustang. Actually the one in the picture is a full scale mock-up on display until the museum gets its real P-51D!!! which is currently being restored. The Mustang is undoubtedly the best fighter aircraft of all time, with more combat victories than any other WWII fighter, also it just happens to be one of my favorite planes. (The plane in the center of the first pic is an SR-71, one of the fastest planes ever made!)
- Ryan